Passion. Persistence. A love of music in all its forms. These are the qualities that have taken Igor Vrabac on an epic journey from war-torn Yugoslavia to Toronto, Canada where he currently works as an independent composer, arranger and music producer. Since his professional debut in Toronto in 1997, Igor has met with much success. It first came in the form of an original score for Dennis McIntyre's ambitious stage play Modiglinani, based on the life of the great modern artist. Critics at the time, including Geoff Chapman of The Toronto Star, praised the score for its beauty as well as its authenticity in evoking the mood of early 20th Century Paris. With the good reviews came more work. Igor soon was invited to compose the score for the film Full Frontal, starring Jennifer Dale. The score went on to garner a Silver Statue at the Worldfest Film Awards in Houston. From here, Igor went on to score a raft of other films, most notably A Night at Federico's, Family Album, Chez Amore, Bag the Wolf, Face to Face, Shadow and the Clown, In the Lair and A Twilight Tale.
Amid all this activity, opportunities in television presented themselves. Igor was invited by Glenn Morely at Tambre Productions to score the popular animated children's show Freaky Stories on YTV, produced by Decode Entertainment. This lead to more television projects through celebrated Canadian composer Lou Natale. Lou and Igor scored the hit sci-fi television series Mutant X. Music for the series was nominated for a Gemini Award. More recently, Igor has been writing music for the children's television series Ace Lightning and Carnival of Doom and for the second season of Zoe Busiek - Wild Card. Today, television and radio commercials, interactive media and projects for independent artists also occupy Igor's time. Last Summer Igor wrote music for the film titled The Fool, by Billie Mintz, featuring the voice of Danny Aiello, who was so profoundly moved and inspired by the film that he became the executive producer on his own initiative.

Website: www.igorvrabac.com