The Fool
28 mins. 35mm.

The Fool is a metaphor on the relationship I have with myself as an artist and those that are in my life. We need to find the people that are going to believe in us and move on from those individuals that no longer recognize our worth. Only through believing in ourselves can we find healthy relationships. This is a very personal film that has drawn story and theme directly from my insecurities and my struggle in being an artist in today's world. Hidden in metaphor, like any comic or clown is known to do, I have drawn upon my own weakness and flaws in order to tell a story. The Fool begins at the ending of a relationship between an imaginary friend named Anda the Clown and a young boy named Billy. Anda needs to move on from a relationship where he is no longer being recognized. The story follows Anda's journey as he discovers self-fulfillment by finally letting go of the child. It takes a lot to move on from the people who you once loved. I have stayed in relationships whether they are with loved ones or in business, in fear of being on my own. I have had to find the courage within myself in order to move on. Staying in relationship for the wrong reasons can be self-abusive. I am committed to the process of discovering the balance between believing in myself while seeking recognition from others. This process has become essential in my survival as maintaining my life as an artist in today's society that doesn't seem to regard its importance. There is a void of support and care for this essential development of an artistic voice in our society. Without assistance (others belief in my work), I am an artist in danger of becoming marginalized and non-existent. The Fool addresses the metaphorical journey of Anda the Clown, a member of the imaginary world and his threat of non-existence in a world that no longer believes in him. He must first believe in himself in order for others to believe in him. The Fool was shot on weekends and weeknights from November 2003 until June 2004. Post production was completed in December 2004, one year after principal photography commenced.