The Fool
28 mins. 35mm.

The Fool begins at the end of a life-long relationship between a child who suddenly no longer believes that his imaginary friend, Anda the Clown, exists. In denial and unable to accept this sudden change, the devastated Anda attempts to remain close to a growing boy that no longer chooses to see him. The clown desperately tries to be seen by the child, believing that without his validation he simply doesn't exist. His fears are confirmed when he looks in the mirror and doesn't see a reflection of himself. At the advice and support of his close friend and mentor; an old, discarded ventriloquist Dummy, Anda reluctantly begins his journey into the world beyond the child's secluded universe. Anda needs the courage to face the unknown future on his own and believe in himself in order to move on and find a child who believes in him.